Late work hours, or more energy than just a couple of hours will exhaust?


$35 per Day
Additional Family Dog Discount (up to 2 dogs) - $32 per Day


​$500 per Month

Unlimited Doggie DayCare and PlayTime 7 Days/Week + Discounted Boarding Rate


Purchase 8 Days of DayCare and Receive 15% Off

What are the benefits of the Doggie DayCare and Indoor Dog Park environment?
Our indoor, temperature controlled, group play environment offers a multitude of benefits.  Behaviorists encourage regular socialization and daily exercise for dogs’ overall quality of life and improved behavior.  Socialization is the process of exposing dogs to a wide variety of environments, situations, animals, and types of people.  It is important for them to learn to recognize their own species, to communicate successfully with other dogs, and to learn to live well among people and other animals.  This is best achieved by bringing them to a Dog Park or Doggie DayCare, where they can interact with a variety of other dogs and people at the same time.  This is an ongoing process to continually keep the dog friendly and excited to be out in the world.  In addition, Doggie DayCare and Hourly PlayTime in our Indoor Dog Park will greatly help to reduce behavioral problems such as barking, whining, crankiness and/or destruction of property typically caused by under stimulation.  By not being left alone throughout the day and getting their social and physical exercise, dogs are able to expel their pent up energy, and will come home happy, tired, and ready to cuddle.​


Can Indoor Dog Park/Doggie DayCare help my dog’s behavior problems at home?

Absolutely! The majority of behavioral problems are the result of under stimulation and are displayed in a variety of symptoms including barking, whining, crankiness and/or destruction of property. PlayTime in our group setting can greatly help to reduce these problems. By not being left alone throughout the day and getting their social and physical exercise, dogs are able to expel that pent up energy, and will come home happy, tired, and ready to cuddle.


My dog doesn’t always want to play with other dogs, sometimes he just wants to be given affection. Is your facility appropriate for him?

Yes, several of our guests simply enjoy watching the action from the sidelines, especially those that are older or shy. They prefer spending the majority of their day being pet and loved by our staff, and we’re happy to cater to the lovers of the group. We have dog houses and beds along the rear wall so they can relax and stretch out, and are free to join the group when and if they choose to.

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