When the public dog parks are closed, and during those extreme weather conditions, have your dog come play inside our indoor, temperature-controlled facility, and under the loving care and supervision of our staff.


​Come drop off your dog at Barka Lounge to play for just an hour or two to burn off all that extra energy

while you get​ some time to yourself.


​$7 per Hour
Additional Family Dog Discount (up to 2 dogs) - $5 per Hour

How does the Indoor Dog Park work? Can I stay and play with my dog?

We provide an indoor, controlled environment for dogs to play, socialize, and burn off some energy. We are almost exactly like the public dog parks except that you know that all of the dogs playing are well socialized, and organized in play groups according to their energy level and temperament. We also have our own staff to play with, clean up after, and supervise to assure everyone is playing well with one another.


The reason we don't allow parents into the play areas (which was our original vision when we opened) is because we found that many dogs will act up when fellow dogs in the group try to play with their owners. Because of this, we decided to keep it an even playing field by having our unbiased staff provide equal love and attention to everyone. We do have a reception area with benches and a few books where you can hang out if you like. We also have Kinder's BBQ next door so a lot of our dog parents opt to go grab a bite while their pups play.


What is the difference between an Indoor Dog Park and Doggie DayCare?
An indoor dog park allows you to bring your dog to play on an hourly as oppose to daily basis.  They will get all the benefits of Doggie DayCare without the time and monetary requirements.  This is great for owners that don’t need an entire day of daycare, and is particularly essential in the winter when the public parks are closed and in the peak of summer when it is too hot and uncomfortable for many dogs and their owners to be outdoors for long periods of time.  This also provides an added convenience for busy owners that don’t have time to take their dog to the park on a regular basis.  With the indoor dog park, you can drop your dog off and feel happy knowing he is getting his social and physical exercise while you are free to run errands, get together with friends, or simply enjoy some much needed quiet time!​

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